"Thank you for making this day even more special. You captured all the moments a picture never could. We have the best keepsake of our daughter's wedding."  Jeannette Tate (mother of bride)

"Our Wedding Videos are wonderful and so beautiful. We really appreciate your art and talent and also the time you have spent on editing them. You are a real artist and we enjoyed your work." - Nassim & Mohammad

Yleana & Mike's Still Shot Video
Still Shot Video Package, not listed on site, but still available

Nassim & Mohammad's Photo Segment, and Wedding Day, Part I and Part II
Gold Package (2 camera-persons)

"Amazing! I have to say that when you get married the event is a real blur. There is so much you miss and so much that you don't even see. Having a wonderful videographer really helps you revisit the memories. Sally did an amazing job and was incredibly on top of all the best shots and angles. Her work was unparalleled and she gave us world class service. I highly recommend her to anybody looking for quality and wonderful service." - Stephen Yu

"Sally at Loving Image Wedding Videography is a talented, wonderful and conscientious professional to work with. She made our wedding stress free and captured all the memorable events that we will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you so much Sally!! We adore our wedding video! " - Michelle & Nate

Julianna & Kip's Short Story and Wedding Day
Silver Package

Password for Julianna & Kip's videos is J&Kwedding.

Jennifer & Derek's Short Story
Silver Package 

Password for Jennifer & Derek's Short Story is J&Dwedding.

 "Loving Image was a dream to work with! And, we could not have been more pleased and satisfied with the finished product. They captured our rehearsal dinner and every part of our wedding day beautifully, even moments that surprised and amazed us. The videographer, Sally, listened to our requests, and after everything was said and done, we had a lovely remembrance of our special day. From the getting ready, to the walk down the aisle, and the special moments that we shared, everything was there! And, the music that accompanied many of the moments were special to us. We recently watched the video after a year and it was like living it all over again. We are so thankful to have a piece of that day that will live forever." - Phillip & Rachel Rogers

"We were thrilled with our wedding video and loved sharing our beautiful short story with all of our friends.  Loving Image captured all the sounds, even the birds chirping.:)  It was a beautiful day and we will  never forget it. Thank you for this lovely keepsake.  We will treasure it forever." - Eli & Marcus

"You did a great job Sally. Easy to work with and provided a quality DVD of our special day. Thank you."
Rick & Jose

Someone told me before I got married to not bother with doing a video; that you watch it once or twice and that's it. It's a good thing I didn't believe that. Andy and I would have missed a treasure!  I knew Sally Townes' work, and I knew a Sally Townes video would be the very thing I didn't want to miss as Andy and I experienced the most important day in our lives as a couple. Sally captured it all, everyone, all of the emotion, the joy, the excitement, the nerves, the love. It was all there on video and in photos. She didn't miss a thing! We were able to see our day in its entirety -- see everything we missed. It is so thrilling to watch. We have "watch the video parties" scheduled in three states not only to share with friends and loved ones who were not able to come to our wedding, but also to share with the wedding party and guests who were there. That is so much fun. We have laughed at one another's wedding day behavior and teared up at the precious moments that came not just from the bride and groom but also from the unexpected. Most important to me, our video stands testament to everything we did and said on the day when we were at our best. Andy and I will watch it to celebrate, to remind ourselves of our love, to remember "the way we were" and the way everybody else was that day. It will be our touchstone of truth about us. I will keep a copy close by and put a copy in safe-keeping. Thank you, Sally Townes, for being so professional, for acclimating to our style, for joining in our fun, for capturing us and our families and guests being ourselves in the most wonderful way. You gave us the best wedding gift that we received. You gave us memories that will last a lifetime. Jennifer Prince/Mrs. Andrew Davis

Jennifer & Andy's Short Story
Diamond Video/Photo Customized 2-day Package

"Sally Townes along with her company Loving Image provide the perfect memories for a special occasion. For my wife Julianna and I, it was our wedding. Sally cares about catching every important moment from start to finish, and she does it in such a way that everyone wants to take part. We have already watched our wedding video multiple times, and plan on watching it every year for our anniversary." - Kip

"Our Wedding video turned out amazing, you guys all did a great job! Thank you so much! We are so happy we decided to hire you, having this video is so special, we loved being able to watch the ceremony, speeches, dancing and hear everyone's well wishes! :) THANK YOU! " Kasie Salizar

"Sally, I can not thank you enough! you did an absolutely incredible job. All my family, friends and wedding party love the video. My special day came and went by so fast, I wish I could relive it. Now I get to look back at my perfect video you created for me and remember every detail and memory. I dont know how many times I've watched it!!! I love it, thank you so much. You are highly recommended in my book! Thanks again" - Frances Lopez

Kimberly & Bob's Short Story and Wedding Day
Silver Package

Password for Kimberly & Bob's short story is K&Bwedding.

"I must say that Bob and I are so incredibly overjoyed with our wedding videos Sally! Your amazing ability to personalize our experience and your attention to every detail...how can we ever thank you? All I can say is that I couldn't have chosen a better wedding videographer!! Now we have a video that we treasure forever. :)" - Kimberly & Bob

Samanth & Stephen's Short Story and Wedding Day, Part I and Part II
Gold Package (2 camera persons)

Password for Samantha & Stephen's short story is S&Swedding.

We always go above and beyond for our couples. This groom and groomsmen went above and beyond in coordinating a dance for the bride, so Loving Image uploaded it for all to see. (So far over 500 views from the guests and friend's of the couple. Vanessa wrote, "Loved all the videos especially this bonus video Sally did for us. Sally was very professional and affordable and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much for the beautiful tapes I will forever treasure them. Thank you again for including the surprised dance Gavin did for me it was awesome!!!"

Loving Image 

Vanessa & Gavin's Special Dance Segment
Gold Package (2 camera persons)

Sheccid's Quinceañera Part I and Part II, with bonus Special Dance Segments
Gold Package (2 camera persons)

Frances & Dario's Short Story and Wedding Day
Gold Package (3 camera persons)

Password for Frances & Dario's short story is F&Dwedding.

 "I have had the pleasure of working with Sally Townes several times with my DJ company and she has become my favorite videographer, so when my step-daughter had her Quinceanera, I naturally decided to hire Sally to do the video.  She is very dedicated to creating the perfect video memories for her clients. She puts a lot of time into the editing and music to make a great compilation of every thing that took place on our special day. I trust her to capture the evening with her camera.  I am very happy she puts so much effort into her work. Video shows you the memories that you'll miss without it. It is a small price to pay for being able to relive the night! Trust me... Get the VIDEO service, you will be happy you did!" - DJ Matt Martinez, Sound Productions

Laurel & Joseph's Still Shot Video
Still Shot Video Package, not listed on site, but still available

Password for Laurel & Joseph's still shot video is L&Jwedding.

"We had many still photos taken of our time in Havana and of our wedding there by numerous people, but all we did was select a few songs and Loving Image did the rest. The result was absolutely sensational, a very creative, well-organized display of still photographs. Loving Image has hit a home run." - Mike Dennis​

(505) 357-5757

Rick & Jose's Short Story
Diamond Video/Photo Package

Password for Rick & Jose's short story is J&Rwedding.

Rachel & Phillip's Short Story and Wedding Day
Silver Package

Password for Rachel & Phillip's short story is R&Pwedding.

Eli & Marcus' Short Story and Wedding Day
Silver Package

Password for Eli & Marcus' short story is E&Mwedding.

"The video was beautiful! We didn't have the budget for a videographer, so having the option of using my pictures to make a video of our wedding was a great option. My expectations were exceeded, at some points it felt like we were watching moving images of the wedding! The way the music was incorporated was beautiful." - Laurel & Joseph

Kasie & Joe's Short Story and Wedding Day, Part I and Part II
Gold Package (2 camera persons)

Password for Kasie & Joe's short story is K&Jwedding.

Michelle & Nate's Short Story and Wedding Day, Part I
Gold Package (2 camera persons)

Password for Michelle & Nate's short story is M&Nwedding.

A Few of our Sample Videos (please note passwords)

Below are some samples of different packages including complete weddings and short stories. Please enter the required password if needed. More examples can be sent to you and also seen on the Loving Image Facebook Page. Included with packages from the Silver Package up, is the very popular "Short Story" - a condensed version of your wedding, synced to a song of your choice and uploaded to the Internet. This provides a way for you to share a little bit of your wedding day with all of your friends and family. 

No matter who you choose for your videographer, we suggest you skim through not only highlight or short story videos, but thru some complete weddings as well to make sure the video and AUDIO are consistent and clear throughout. It takes a long time to upload a complete wedding so there are only a few examples below, but we can show you many more examples from DVDs when we meet in person. Because so much thought goes into creating your invitation, you'll notice that we usually start our videos with the invitation. 

*Depending on your Internet connection, you may have to lower the quality or  pause the video for a while to view the videos without stuttering.