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Over the years is has become apparent that most of our videography business is weddings. Twelve years ago when I started Loving Image, my mentor, who had been in the wedding videography business for a very long time told me that he did not offer packages. He had learned what it takes to create the best video of a wedding day and that is what he provided. However, when I first started out, I felt that I should offer different packages. Now, after all these years, I see his point. After a while, you know what works, so here is what we provide to memorialize your beautiful, special day:

We film your wedding day from start to finish with 2 camera persons. Some of the moments to be filmed (not necessarily in this order) are:

• Before Clips of the ceremony and reception areas

• Bride and Groom Getting Ready (during this time sometimes a special segment is filmed by each to their betrothed

• First Look (after she is dressed and right before walking down the isle, some brides request filming of the father's first        look at his lovely daughter, or of the groom's first look.)

• The Ceremony in it's entirety

• The Receiving Line (some couples do this and some don't)

• Couples and Bridal Party Entrances at reception

• Well Wishes from special guests (sometime during the reception, some couples like to have certain guests and family members make a special well wish on camera. As the years go by and children grow up, friends age and grandparents pass, it is nice to have these special memories.

• First Dance for the couple and with respective parents

• Dinner Hour (at this time our cameras circulate the room and try to get each guest on film. Sometimes during this time, well wishes are made from each table

• Cake Cutting

• Toasts

• Bouquet and Garter toss

• Dancing, La Marcha, Conga Line

• Couple's Exit

• Within about 3 months, your wedding will have been completely edited. From the edited material, a short story is created and posted online. After this, we will make arrangements to meet so that you can receive your beautifully packaged Blu Ray. If you do not have a Blu Ray player, a DVD can be burned, but you will loose the high definition that our cameras provide in doing this, so Blu Rays are highly recommended. Most discs are about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours long.

The cost for our services is $2875. There is an additional $75 charge for each additional  location. Payments are made in thirds. One third is due when we sign a contract, another payment is due on or before your wedding day and the final payment is due when you receive your Blu Ray. Call to learn how you can save 10% on that price.

Additional services:

• Depending upon location and weather, drone shots of your ceremony grounds and/or reception grounds may be purchased for an additional $175.00

• After you receive your photos, with your photographer's consent and credit, a section may be added to your wedding video called​​, "Our Favorite Photos." With this, when you view your wedding day, some of the great photos will be added as a chapter in your video. This section will be timed to music of your choice for an additional $125.00

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